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black cat

By Liam Geraghty

This frightened black cat was a real scaredy cat as it appeared to have a scrap with ‘the ghost of Bruce Lee’ in a graveyard in this spooky clip.

The black cat looked like it had stumbled across a case of paranormal cat-tivity after Simon Sherratt, 44, spotted it spinning and lashing out at invisible things at St Mary’s the Virgin parish church in Hanbury, Worcs, on February 20.

The groundsman, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, was out walking when he stumbled across the stray’s madcap antics and filmed footage of the kitty.

He insisted the cat was chasing its tail for up to six minutes as it frolicked around among the graves.

Simon said: “I thought he was seeing something like Bruce Lee’s ghost, the way he was spinning round.

“I had to film it because it was around me for a bit and kept spinning around my feet.

“I don’t have a clue what he was reacting to.”

Simon opted to share the video online with fellow nature enthusiasts on Tuesday.

And his fellow fans managed to shed some light on the mystery behind the feline’s frenzy.

Simon added: “I just found it on my phone earlier this week and I thought it was unusual so I thought I would see how it would do.

“It has got a good reaction when I shared it online and a lot of people suggested that it could be down to the wind or he might have had a mite.

“But whatever it was, he was clearly annoyed and irritated by it.”