Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This adorable axolotl seems a bit sleepy as she relaxes in the bottom of her tank.

Sugarplum the axolotl lets out an endearing yawn as she flips her gills back and forth.

Paige Lamb, Sugarplum’s owner caught the cute amphibian’s antics on camera and say that it’s not an unusual sight.

The twenty-year-old English Literature Student says she’s been trying to capture her axolotl’s cute yawns on camera since she first saw the strange behaviour, though she doesn’t think it’s because they’re tired.

“I’ve been desperately trying to catch one of my axolotls yawning on camera ever since I first saw them do it, so I got into the habit of leaving my phone on record while I wasn’t using it in the hopes of catching one of them doing it!

“My phone had already been recording for around ten minutes while I played Hearthstone, and she just so happened to yawn as I started to verbally plea with her to do so.

“Sugarplum was just chilling out at the bottom of her tank, and suddenly does a big yawn!

“I’m always spamming my friends with funny photos and videos of them, to the point where I’m convinced they’re sick of them. I just find them so adorable and quirky that I love showing them off on my social media. 

“I catch them doing it quite often, but it’s not like they do it all day every day, so it’s hard to judge when they’re about to do it. 99% of the time I catch them doing it in the evening, but I think that’s mostly coincidental.

“Whilst it’s super cute to imagine they do it because they’re sleepy, I’m not sure that’s the case. 

“I see loads of comments online attacking people for owning axolotls due to them being critically endangered, however this is due to their native lake being polluted. 

“In actuality, they are thriving in captivity, and as long as you make sure your axolotls are captive bred, and not caught from the wild, it is not cruel to own one. 

“They’re really sweet little creatures, and make for some really interesting pets; however I fully recommend you do your research if you decide you want one.”