Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This shocking incident of dangerous driving was caught on camera.

In a terrifying moment we see a driver speeding to undertake and in a narrow miss the blue car just makes it through the gap in between the two cars in separate lanes.


It was captured by Michael Grant as he drove through Birmingham City centre in the UK.

The forty-one-year-old said: “The cavalier disregard for other people’s safety on the roads is deplorable.

“They continued to drive in this manner until they went out of my sight and they appeared to go through a red light. 


“They were going so fast that they were out of my sight very quickly despite being on a straight section of road.

“I just hope that when they inevitably crash they don’t injure innocent bystanders.

“Sadly I’m getting used to seeing terrible driving on our roads but this instance made me particularly angry given that it happened on the same stretch of road where six people died at Christmas due to another reckless driver.”