Offbeat Video

By Kim Reader

A dad claims to have captured ‘frightening’ footage of the moment a ‘neat freak ghost’ pulled a wardrobe door closed as he and his family got ready for bed.

Dad-of-three Sean Reynolds, 34, was sat on his bed with his partner Rebecca Palmer, 34, and their seven-month-old baby Ella Palmer-Reynolds when the doors of their wardrobe started to move.

After quickly getting out his phone to film what he believed to be paranormal activity, Sean asked the spirit to move the door again – and the wardrobe was pulled shut from the inside.

Sean then filmed inside the closet before commenting on the mess and suggesting that the supernatural entity may be dropping hints for them to tidy up.

Paranormal investigator Sean, who lives in a ‘haunted’ house in a graveyard, thinks the bedroom spook might have followed him and Rebecca home from filming for the latest series of their show Ghost Dimension.

Sean, of Liverpool, Merseyside, said: “Something has decided to haunt the bedroom Bex and I sleep in so we decided to attempt to record this activity and managed to capture the walk in wardrobe actually close on camera.

“Lying in our bed with our daughter Ella, we could hear and see the doors moving, so I quickly switched my phone on to record to see if I could capture this paranormal activity on camera.

“After asking the ghost to move the doors again, to my surprise, the doors actually closed.

“It was frightening to witness and also amazing to know we had just caught this on camera. I quickly ran out to the car to grab some equipment and investigate further.

“On location while filming our ghost hunts, the team always place spiritual protection around us to keep us safe from these types of events but it is clear that a stronger force may be at play here.

“We believe that this is a ghost that has followed us home from one of the haunted locations we film at for Ghost Dimension.

“We’re not sure yet what this spirits intentions are with our family or why it has followed us home but we will find out and ensure our family is protected and safe.”

This spooky vid captures just one of dozens of paranormal incidents experienced by Sean, Rebecca and their three daughters since moving into their home in 2013.

The stunning Georgian home, called Labyrinth Lodge, is more than 200 years old and sits in the heart of Everton Cemetery.

A former cemetery groundskeeper nicknamed ‘Ginge’ lived and died there prior to the family moving in and his spirit used to regularly visit his old home, according to Sean.

But after an incident in which Sean claims Ginge’s ghost shouted at and terrified his daughter Isabella Palmer-Reynolds, six, the parents called in a psychic medium to expel the tall red-haired ghoul.

Sean said: “Ginge is actually buried next to a tree inside the cemetery not far from the home.

“After a couple of weeks living here we started to hear small knocks and noises which we put down to the house being old.

“As time went by the bedroom door started to open on its own while myself and Bex were in bed watching television.

“We could see it happening and at first it really frightened us but after it happened so often we got used to it.

“After Isabella actually witnessed a tall red-haired ghostly man in her bedroom shouting at her, we called upon a psychic medium to ask the spirit to leave the home and leave us in peace.

“The house was nice and silent until recently. As we’ve been filming our Amazon Prime series, the activity appears to have returned.

“On one occasion while I was out filming, Bex was at home with her mother Trish. Our kids were at my mum’s but the baby monitor in the girls’ room had been left on.

“Bex and her mum actually heard a sinister laugh coming from the monitor. No one was home to make the noise and Bex was very spooked. She called me to see if I was actually home and playing a prank on her.”