Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This musician SAW a magical way to play a Legend of Zelda song.

Nathan Miller recorded himself playing ‘Prince Ralis is Saved’ from the popular Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game.

The saw belonged to Nathan’s great grandfather and was handed to him by one of his great uncles.

He was inspired by videos of his great grandfather playing the unusual instrument to carry on his legacy.

It was recorded in his friend Joey Barones’ home studio, known as Hooligan Studio.

He said: “I’m always looking for new songs to cover that I feel passionate or nostalgic about.

“I heard the song on one of my pet bird’s playlists, remembered it, and thought it would be a wonderful choice for a cover.

“I also wanted to keep some erhu in there so my fans had something familiar.

“I started working on the song about two days before going into the studio. It all went together quite quickly, as the melody was familiar to me.

“Running through it at home a few times I decided I liked how it sounded, and decided I would do it in the studio as I was already scheduled to go there for some session work.

“My great grandfather played the very saw that is in the video. I never met him, but one of my great uncles passed it to me to play and to then pass on through the generations.

“I’ve always been mesmerized by the few films I saw of my great grandfather and the concept of bending or stretching an object to change pitch has resonated deeply with me.

“As a child, I’d often do something similar with rubber bands and string.

“There wasn’t much material to teach me how to play a saw. All I could find was the correct way to hold it, and videos of other players that I could examine. Everything else I’ve just had to do through feeling. I’m still learning and trying to get just the right sound.

“Everyone I’ve shown has seemed to generally enjoy the sound and be quite taken back that this is a possibility. From my family, they’ve been very happy to see my great grandfather’s legacy breath again, and this part makes me very happy. “