Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

The these wild dogs were sent off with their tails between their legs – after being charged by a herd of elephants.

The dogs were tucking into a catch near a reservoir in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

But their meal was rudely interrupted by a large family of around a dozen elephants.

Keen to show their dominance, the elephants wasted no time in raising their trunks and trumpeting their charge.

The two groups of animals had a stand off for a few minutes, with the dogs trying to weave their way back to the kill, before eventually giving up.

The confrontation was caught on camera by South African operations assistant Cecilia Britz.

Cecilia, 42, said: “We were just passing by in our jeep when we stopped to film this.

“The wild dogs had a kill at the back of the water reservoir which was just out of sight, which was a shame.

“However, it was incredible to see wild dogs for the first time.

“Then all of a sudden the elephants started appearing from the bush and without any warning began to chase off the dogs.

“It was an amazing sight.

“They carried on chasing the dogs off for a good three minutes before everything calmed down.”