Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave

Romantics are being offered the chance to bring their very own piece of the Eiffel Tower home by purchasing a Diamond Light removed from the iconic landmark.

The original gift, costing £480, is ideal for couples in love who would like to give a little piece of glittering history from Paris’ most famous monument to their soul mate this Valentine’s Day.

There are 450 lights on sale with each light bearing the marks of a life on the Tower through visible scratches and imperfections.

The sparkling lightbulbs were taken down after reaching the end of their use and have been made into ornaments so that buyers can bring some magic from the city of love home.

Alice Beunardeau, head of the Communication department for Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel said: “This gift is perfect for couples who want to bring the magic and romance of Paris home.

“It’s a romantic and one of a kind gift which would be perfect for any Valentines celebration and would definitely impress that special person in your life.”

Last year, 300 of the lights were bought in less than 20 days, which lead the Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel to reissue the lights again just in time for Valentines.

They have been stylised in a Venetian red, inspired by the historic colour of the Tower when it first opened in 1889.

Christened the “Diamond Light”, the unique pieces come with a certificate of provenance and are presented in a wooden display box.

As well as the original colour of Venetian red the 2017 version also features a silkscreen print of The Eiffel Tower alight during the Exposition Universelle of 1889, based on an engraving by Georges Garen.

Every night, for the first five minutes of every hour, 20,000 bulbs make Eiffel Tower sparkle in the Parisian sky.

The sparking displays were introduced in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium and was designed by Pierre Bideau, a renowned light designer.

The limited edition Diamond Lights can be purchased here