Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

This stealthy sloth channeled his inner Tom Cruise when he infiltrated a restaurant after hours in search of snacks.

His cover was blown, however, when he fell face first onto the floor, alerting security and potentially facing the long arms of the law.

With closing time long passed at Café Milagro in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, one slow-moving mammal saw an opportunity to indulge in a midnight feast.

Though the café is often infiltrated by toucans and monkeys during the daytime, this is the first sloth to cleverly maneuver its way through Milagro’s security gates.


Emerging beneath the counter, the cumbersome sloth slowly climbs its way up to the counter, playing with a spinning display rack momentarily, before continuing its near slow-motion hunt for food.

Investigating under blanket, 00-Sloth makes a grave mistake as it loses its footing, hilariously hurtling down to the floor with an almighty thud, before alerting the security guard on duty.

Coming out in the middle of the night in their Pajamas to relocate the unexpected intruder, co-owners Travis Day and Adrienne Pellizzari watched the footage back in great amusement the next morning.

Travis said: “The sloth must’ve slipped through the gates after we’d already closed – they’re very common in the area.


“It was funny to see that it was all caught on video, but most importantly that we had been able to relocated the sloth back outside in the middle of the night.

“We didn’t realise just how hilarious it was until we shared it with family and friends.

“While we have sloths that can be regularly seen in nearby trees, this was the first invasion of our actual restaurant.

“We have a resident sloth named Terrance who can regularly be found behind our restaurant, but this one was a new visitor.”