Video Viral

By Christina Wood

This is the shocking moment a punter’s pint mysteriously flew off a bar while drinkers discussed spooky occurrences at the haunted pub.

Pub regular John O’Dea had been discussing a series of supernatural events that happened around the pub with other regulars when his glass suddenly dropped to the floor.

Fellow drinkers in the Tavern, in Warrington, on January 21st instantly assumed he had nudged the drink, which didn’t smash as it landed.

John maintained there was something not right and only when they watched CCTV footage showing he was nowhere near the flying pint did they believe him.


Pub landlord Matt Wilkinson, 22, believes it is another example that the pub is haunted.

Matt, from Warrington, Cheshire, said: “I was really stunned when it happened. I couldn’t believe it.

“There is no explanation for it because John was nowhere near the glass, so it couldn’t have been him.

“When it happened he just waved his arms in the air and said, ‘I didn’t do anything’. He was just as shocked as I was but he asked for a free pint afterwards.

“Just before it fell we were talking about how the street [Church Street] is haunted so that makes it even more strange.


“When I watched the CCTV footage I had to rewind it just to check it wasn’t my eyes playing tricks on me. Another weird thing is that when it dropped it didn’t even smash.

Matt also says there has also been tiles coming off the office walls without any explanation as well as the television flickering on and off.

He added: “There have been quite a few strange things happening here recently. This isn’t the first time.

“It has happened quite a few times where I have taken glasses out of the dish washer and put them on the shelf but when I turn around a lot of them have fallen even though I wasn’t even near them.

“After finishing a shift and turning the lights off it always looks like someone is stood in the toilet, as you can see a shadow. It is really weird.”

“It was a workhouse back in the day so I’m sure there is a lot of history to this pub.”