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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A brave mum-of-five has captured the terrifying moment she uncovered a huge huntsman spider sneakily hiding behind a toilet paper roll in her bathroom.

Wendy Friedberg, 41, had just gotten out of the pool to use the outdoor bathroom on a sweltering summers day at her rural home in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia, when she discovered the beast.

Truck driver Wendy said she had originally been frightened of venomous snakes slithering around the toilet bowl, so brought her husband Larry Friedberg, 47, along to help her defend against any serpents that might appear.

PIC FROM Caters News

But she got the shock of her life when her husband pointed out the terrifying arachnid peering down at them from ceiling.

In an attempt to rid the creepy-crawly from the bathroom, Larry got a stick and began to swoop the spider away, but in the meantime, was set upon by an enormous angry wasp that was trying to sting them.

In the commotion of using the stick to swat away the wasp, the couple lost sight of the spider – but soon found it eerily hiding behind the toilet paper roll “ready to pounce”.

Wendy, who filmed the video late last month, said: “There are always snakes out here, so I thought for sure there could be one that would pop its head up as I went to use the bathroom.

“We’ve seen lots of venomous brown snakes and red belly black snakes, they come up to our pool for a drink.

“And if you get bitten by one of them, they’ll kill you.

PIC FROM Caters News

“But I wasn’t really expecting a spider, so I did freak out a bit.

“I’d rather just burn the whole bathroom down than deal with that.

“My husband first spotted it, but then we got attacked by a wasp, so we lost sight of the spider.
“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it behind the toilet roll.

“I was thinking, oh my god – imagine if you had sat down and went to grab some paper and that came jumping out at you.

“You’d be traumatised forever.”

In the video, as Larry carefully unravels the toilet roll, the determined spider grips the paper for dear life – and wouldn’t let go even as he is dumped into the bowl.

Instead, the insect got a second chance at life when the couple let it run free in the garden.

Wendy said: “He just wouldn’t give it up, so I thought we should just let him go outside and live his life.

PIC FROM Caters News

“He certainly put up a good fight.

“My husband was really brave.

“He is American, and when he first came to Australia ten years ago to live, he was really freaked out all the time at the amount of weird and wonderful animals and insects we have here.

“But he is so used to it now and can handle them better than me.”