Life Video

By Luke Kenton


This Philadelphia Eagles super-fan doesn’t let cerebral palsy get in the way of his Super Bowl spirit, as he bellows out his team’s famous fight song before their historic win.

Though 29-year-old Michael McNabb has never been able to play American Football for himself, he hasn’t let his disability get in the way of his love for watching the sport.

A self-proclaimed ‘Eagles Super-fan’, charismatic Mike – renowned for his infectious smile – bellows out ‘Fly, Eagles, fly’ with a beaming grin ladened upon his face.


Captured on January 21st in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, during the Eagles’ championship game against the Minnesota Vikings, Mike’s football fever reached new heights on February 4th, when his home-team won their first-ever Super Bowl title.

Mum, 53-year-old Cathy McNabb, a nurse, who adopted Mike after he fell into her care after being born prematurely, is always left heart-warmed, she said, when she sees her son’s love for the game.

Cathy said: “Michael absolutely loves the Eagles.

“Despite the adversity he faces every day, he just loves love – putting a smile on everyone else face in the process.

“His laugh and smile are so contagious. He loves to chant or mimic our yelling.

“He was thrilled when we beat the Vikings and it continued to build right up to Super Bowl Sunday.

“He was bought into an Eagles loving family, and he’s been cheering them on ever-since.”

Born prematurely in March 1988, Mike was diagnosed cerebral palsy, along with a number of other complications, requiring a series of life-saving surgeries.


With his family unable to care for his specialist needs, Mike was put up for adoption by his birth parents, but thankfully the nurse assigned to care for him – Cathy – had already fallen in love with him.

Introducing baby Mike to the rest of her family, they too were quick to fall for the young boy, and after 18-months in the hospital, he finally found a home of his own.

Cathy said: “Mike was born at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital where I work, and his parents couldn’t care for him.

“I instantly fell in love with him when I saw him.

“He was a part of us and we knew that our family wouldn’t be complete without him in it.


“At first we fostered him until his adoption was finalized in 1993.

“Today, Mike is healthy and can walk with a walker or crutches.

“He is extremely strong and he graduated from high school.

“We were all thrilled when the Eagles won, our family has been waiting for this title our whole lives.

“Mike went to a lot of Eagles games when he was younger, and hopefully we can get down to see one next year.”