By Alex Matthews 

This village still has a serious hangover from Christmas – as its shops are still decorated with christmas trees even though it’s now MID MARCH.

The shopping district Borrowash, Derbyshire, is still adorned with a dozen trees, two of which even still have lights on.

The trees, which were put up in November, now look battered and worn after five months exposed on the shops’ roofs.

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News

Ockbrook and Borrowash Parish Council arranged with local shopkeepers last year to have the trees and the brackets installed.

However, in a move that has angered shopkeepers, the council has now issued them with a letter demanding they take the ‘eyesores’ down at their own cost, claiming it is the shop keepers’ responsibility.

Jane Cook, the part-owner of hair salon Deb’n’Hair, received the note from the council this morning.

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News

The 59-year-old said: “They are saying the christmas trees have become an eyesore and we need to have them removed.

“I certainly can’t get up a ladder and do it myself.

“Apparently they will come and take them down but at a cost. I was very surprised, as last year they put them up and took them down again themselves.

“If I had known about the extra cost I would still have agreed to it, as it’s nice to get into the Christmas spirit, but it’s strange to hear about it now.

“Otherwise I think it’s rather funny that they’re still up and people keep noticing them.

“Although they don’t look their best.”

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News

A local shopper, Jaci Brumwell, said: “They definitely should have taken them down in January.

“It doesn’t give a very good impression of the village, does it?”

Resident Sarah Morley said: “I’ve been saying for days that the sight of the Christmas trees has really been annoying me.”

However, other shoppers have argued that the trees should stay, as they make the area look more elegant.

One visitor, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It makes it look a lot brighter and nicer here.

“It’s not wasted any money either. It would cost more to have them taken down.”

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News 

The parish council has denied they are responsible for removing the trees, claiming that after people have purchased them, it is up to them to deal with their disposal.

Mike Wallis, the chairman of the parish council, said: “It’s not our responsibility.

“We have notified shop owners that it is March and they need to take the trees down.

“They have bought the trees, and so it is their responsibility. It’s how it has worked every year.

“I’m surprised that some of the shops have not acted yet.

“We have been contacted by a number of local residents who have complained that it does not make the village look nice.

“We work with a local community group to deliver the trees, and they are extremely popular.

“In the future we will be asking, when we put them up, who wants them taking away again.”

It is considered bad luck to keep a Christmas tree up past January 5, the twelfth day of Christmas.