Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell

A dangerous driver was caught on camera weaving across three lanes of heavy traffic at the same spot where six people died in a horror smash just before Christmas.

Dashcam footages shows a blue BMW SUV swerving between two cars at a set of traffic lights.

It then cuts back across three lanes to drive through a small gap between two other vehicles further up the road.

It moves at such a high speed that, within a matter of seconds, it is completely out of sight again.

The BMW was heading along Birmingham’s Belgrave Middleway, just before the site of a three-car crash that killed a taxi driver, his passengers and three people in an Audi.

The BMW driver was captured on camera by Michael Grant, 41, from Birmingham.

Michael said: “It happened on the Belgrave Middleway in Birmingham, just before the tunnels.

“It’s just before the site where six people were killed at Christmas in a huge pile up. That’s what made me really angry.

“The cavalier disregard for other people’s safety on the roads is deplorable.

“The driver continued in this manner until they went out of my sight and appeared to shoot through a red light.

“They were going so fast they were out of sight very quickly, despite it being a straight road.

“Sadly it’s not the first example of terrible driving I’ve seen.

“I just hope when they inevitably crash they don’t injure any innocent bystanders.”