Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This octopus is having its own underwater disco.

Attempting to flush out and catch prey from among rocks on the seabed, the predator was filmed flashing all sorts of different colours.

Avoiding its normal dark or white colour to blend into the background, every part of the octopus went through an enormous range of colours, from blue, to purple, to yellow and green.

The colourful display was captured on camera by American diver Jared Herd off the Island Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Indonesia.

Jared said: “I have never seen an octopus flash this variety of colours at the same time.

“I had no idea they could even display shades of blues and greens that this one displayed.

“Every part of the octopus was a different colour and that’s what made it so interesting. I typically only see them in darker shades of purple or completely white to blend in with their surroundings.

“Common octopus typically live one or two years in the wild, and as this one was quite large I guess it was somewhere in the middle of that.

“I filmed it for about 15 minutes before moving off, and it changed colour the entire time.

“They typically change colour to camouflage, ward off predators or hunt. This one is hunting, as you can see it was putting its tentacles all around and inside the rock to scare its prey out.

“This is unique behaviour I have never seen before. It was not camera shy and was actually following me for the duration of the dive.

“I think it was happy I was around and was using me to spot his prey. They are some of the most intelligent creatures.

“Seeing behaviour like this is what keeps me thrilled to get in the ocean every day.”