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kiteboarding stunt

A thrill-seeker is thought to be the first in the world to perform an impressive kiteboarding stunt using four kites.

Ville from Vuokatti, Finland, said: “We spent whole last week in Pallas in Finnish Lapland.

“On the last kiteboarding day we tried something a little different and attached four kites in a row which may have been for the first time in the world.

“Usually a kiteboarder uses only one kite at the time but we used the four best kites at once.

“We were wondering almost the whole week whether to do it.

Pic by Tomi Tahti/Caters News

“On Saturday we woke up and we thought that this is the day, we packed up the kites and hiked up to the launch area.

Pic by Tomi Tahti/Caters News

“We set the rigging up a couple of hours early because there were so many lines and knots so we tried to figure out in what order to attach the kites to the knots to make sure the strongest pull comes from the right direction and does not mess up the angle of attack for the kites if the attachment points want to slip. But we did that correctly because those kites stayed in the air and it worked great!

“We rode almost whole day with that four kite combination.”