Nature Video
lightening storm

By Lauren Campbell

These adventurous hikers turned a dangerous lightening storm into a lot of fun.

New Zealander Geoff Mackley was leading the volcano expedition when the lightning storm struck.

The only way for the group of four to get out of its way was to descend into the fast-swelling river running through the valley.

After precariously picking their way down, the group takes shelter under a waterfall.

Already soaking wet, they decide to have some fun in the river, ducking under the water and splashing through the current.

Geoff led the expedition up Marum Volcano on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu, on March 3.

He said: “A severe storm hit us while on an Ultimate Volcano Expeditions trip to Marum Volcano.

Geoff Mackley/ Caters News

“We had lightning hitting all around the four of us so we had to go down into the flooded river to get away from it.

“While we were in the water we decided to have a bit of fun. We loved it!”

Australian Sue Peterson, 60, was the oldest woman to climb the volcano when the group were forced into the river.

She said: “I wanted to get as close to an active volcano as possible.

“It was about following my dream and was an incredible experience.

“The hiking was good and once we got to the top it was really overwhelming because the crater was so big.

“I like being off the beaten track away from other tourists and discovering new things.

“There was a lot of lightning so we went down that mountain as fast as we could.

“The rain was bucketing down. It didn’t stop.

“As we got down further towards the creek we saw there were massive flood everywhere.

“Geoff saw this waterfall so we got the backpacks and camera gear out of the way and we just all went crazy.”