Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This birds-eye view footage shows an incredibly rare pod of humpback whales performing a heat run.

The heat run shows a pod of male humpback whales chasing the one female lead in order to win their love and affection.

The true race can be seen in the way that the whales seem to even cut past one another in order to get to the front first.

The unique footage was captured by Scott Portelli and is set in Tonga, in the South Pacific.

Scott said: “The heat run is the ultimate wildlife encounter, it’s one of nature’s most impressive displays of power.

“They can travel great distances for long periods of time or stay in an area circling for hours – but generally they are on the move and this is how the heat run develops, as other whales join in along the way.

“Sometimes it takes hours or days – but we watched this run for over four hours.

“There were 15 whales in this particular run and they were all adults weighing over 40 tonnes each.

“I have never seen anything on this scale or for this period of time before – it was a very rare event so it was very exciting!”