Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the moment an elephant was traquilised, tied and dragged by two earthmover, two days after it had wreaked terror and killed three persons in southern India.

The elephant was part of a migratory herd from Sanamavu forests in Tamil Nadu when it had strayed into human habitat in Chinnar near a highway.

Pic from Caters News

The panicked animal had first attacked a 70-year-old farmer Rajagopalan, who was working in his fields and later went on the rampage in nearby fields, terrorising the locals who were out to collect Rajagopalan’s body.

It then hurled to death two men-both farmers, who had gone to guard their fields in fear of it damaging it.

For three days, villagers across the district along with forest officials stayed up in vigil to struck down the elephant. However, several attempts to first chase the animal back into the forest failed.

Pic from Caters News

Multiple teams under the supervision of the Conservator of forests Ulaganathan and District Forest Office Deepak S. Bilgi intensified their search.

The elephant was soon tracked by its foot prints and the ravaged fields it had left behind.

On Monday, it was finally was spotted in Ramapuram village. Three traquiliser darts were shot at it by veterinarian Arun Shah and it was finally captured in a partially-sedated state.

Once it calmed down, the elephant was transported in a truck to Biligudulu forest, away from human habitation.

In the visuals, an adult elephant is seen with three darts stick to its body as it is being tied and dragged by two JCB machines. Several forest officers try to cover it and guide it to a truck.