Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the heartwarming moment a man is completely swarmed by a pack of hungry monkeys as he feeds them groundnuts with his hands.

Suresh Kumar is seen sitting calmly among a pack of excited monkeys and offering them groundnuts from a steel bowl.

As Kumar begins feeding the primates, tens of them including their young ones from all the corners start emerging and piling up on each other.

The monkeys keep chattering in joy as they get their hands full on the food.

Pic by Caters News

Kumar, a shopkeeper, 66, from Murthal village in Sonipat, in northern Indian state of Haryana, has been feeding monkeys for more than four decades.

He says: “I have been feeding the monkeys since 1971. I was a college student then.

“There was an open ground adjacent to our college where lots of monkeys used to wander and while others used to scare, I struck friendship with them.

“With time my love for them blossomed into an unbreakable relationship.”

Pic by Caters News Kumar spends an equal of £100 a month on feeding monkeys but he admits, it is difficult for him to feed the monkeys daily so he makes sure to feed them at least once a week.

An animal lover since childhood, Kumar says: “I don’t take donations or collects the leftover food from neighbourhood in order to feed the primates.

“I prepare and pack 10kgs of rotis, sacks of mangoes, carrots and 2kgs of groundnut every Sunday and feed the monkeys.

“Also, I feed hundreds of birds bajra, wheat and mixture of bread.”

Kumar claims that he has never been bitten by monkeys in the last several decades rather they play with him.

“I have never bitten by a primate. They play with me by sitting atop my head and shoulders.

“While spending my time feeding birds and animals, particularly monkeys, I’ve realised that I’m miles away from diseases like stress, diabetes or life style diseases of modern time,” he added.