Life Video

By Nicolas Fernandes

A mum has delivered her own ‘miracle baby’ in less than five minutes in the passenger seat with her children in the back, after her husband believed birthing claims to be an ‘exaggeration’.

Evonna Byrd, 28, of Newark, New Jersey, USA, was lucky not to bleed to death, while delivering son Ezra in their family’s SUV en-route to the hospital.

Her water broke just three minutes into the 15-minute drive and she noticed the baby’s head sticking out less than a minute later.


Husband Chris, 30, dismissed the claim as an exaggeration and was surprised when seconds later, the baby’s shoulders started to appear.

Moments after trying to readjust him, she had given birth to Ezra in a pair of baggy sweatpants a mere ten minutes from the hospital.

Evonna, a homeschool mom and founder of a non-profit mentoring program for young girls, said: “It’s truly a miracle. Once we actually got to the hospital, there were no complications and we were able to go home in two days.

“I felt excruciating pain in the car. It was the worst pain I ever felt in my life. I knew what was happening.

“I felt like I was dying. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It felt like something you see in the movies. I could have bled to death.

“I was telling Chris that I couldn’t hold on any longer and then all of a sudden his head popped out.

“Chris’ adrenaline was pumping so hard and fast. He knew that he would just have to be our superhero. We didn’t have time to wait for an ambulance or any police. He just had to get us there.”


Evonna’s two older children, Crystal, three, and Christopher Jr., one, were sitting in the back seat at the time of the birth.

Christopher Jr. was too young to comprehend what was happening, but Crystal understood that her mom was pregnant and that something was wrong.

Evonna said: “Christopher has never heard me scream, but didn’t know what was going on so he was just sitting there quietly in shock.

“Crystal started crying. She understood that something was wrong and she kept telling Chris that he needed to help me.”

Once they arrived at the hospital, a medical staff had to come out to the car to cut the umbilical cord before bringing Evonna and Ezra in on a stretcher.


Evonna was surprised with how well the birth went, considering the horrific experience in the car.

In addition, she and her family felt like ‘little celebrities’ all over the hospital.

Evonna said: “The nurse picked the baby up while he was still attached to the umbilical cord and started cleaning him. Then they cut the umbilical cord and put us both on a stretcher.

“Once we got to the hospital, Ezra and I were completely fine.

“The nurses and doctors looked pretty shocked. They must not see something like that often.

“They kept saying how strong I was because I made it through.”

The family who have now been home for two weeks, say Ezra has been eating well and is adapting to his siblings, completely unaware of his unique birth story.

Evonna said: “He’s been perfect. We’re so grateful.

“The two older ones are always feeding him and kissing him.”