Video Viral

By Ben Walley

This is the side-splitting moment a vlogger scares his mum by revving his car too hard.

As Percy Mescudi drives around his hometown of Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA, he takes mum Doris Newkirk for a spin.

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Strapped in, the 54-year-old is instantly hesitant as her 22-year-old son sets off, especially when he tells her the rev limiter will make it ‘sound like gunshots’.

Once he hits the open road, Percy warns he is ‘gonna launch it’ using all 326-horsepower leaving his mum shouting she doesn’t want ‘up in the air stuff’.

Hitting the Honda Integra’s accelerator hard, the pair hit 60mph in just a couple of seconds leaving Doris shouting ‘Lord please be with us, Jesus shield us’.

Pics from Caters News

Percy, who runs the YouTube channel Zosh, said: “Mum was genuinely scared and I couldn’t stop laughing.

“I had planned it for a while because I knew her reaction would be over the top.

“She had never been in the car when I’d driven that fast before.

Pics from Caters News

“It went on for about 30 minutes, but she couldn’t wait to get out of the car.

“After she’d got out, she was fine for the rest of the day and forgave me later on.”