Video Viral

By Katy Gill

A couple have recorded themselves trying to capture a huntsman spider – but it goes terribly wrong.

Sharon Brecely and Peter Fraser, from Victoria, Australia, were about to get into bed when they saw a massive huntsman spider towering above them.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

In an attempt to capture the beast, Peter, 57, aimed a cup over the spider and lunged to cover it.

However, whilst Peter was doing so, the spider fell from the wall and shockingly landed on Peter.

Despite the stomach-churning fall, Sharon continues to film Peter in his desperate attempt to remove the spider from their bedroom.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

Sharon, 59, said: “This is very common – I don’t mind them being in my house, but my partner wasn’t keen with this one being so close to him when he was sleeping.

“When he tried to get it in the cup it jumped towards him, which caused the yell and jump back.

“Luckily he got it in the cup and released it unharmed in some nearby shrubs.

“We have no idea how it got there, but Peter seems to think it might have been in his hat that had been hanging outside the door at home.”