Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

An amazing light and music show has been created which changes dependent on your mood.

Whilst attending London Winter Lights, in Canary Wharf, Matthew Rea partook in one of their interactive exhibits, which involved him clipping an EEG headset to himself.

Pic by Matthew Rea/Caters News

When attaching the headset is was clipped to his ear, front of his head and back of his skull, to allow the headset to read the electrical data.

Matthew claims that the neon lights and background music change depending on your mood and the exact thought that you are thinking.

Matthew, 28, said: “This interactive light sculpture and music composition is controlled by you mind, via the headset.

Pic by Matthew Rea/Caters News

“As your thought patterns change, the electrical data from your brain is used to control the music and create intricate light patterns.

“These illuminate a large-scale light installation fitted with over 30,000 LEDS.

“I was thinking about my wife and the details on her face, which made my show.

“It was a very psychedelic experience – especially being aware that I was the one projecting the light and sound through thought.”