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By Hannah McFadyen

This curious chicken decided to help out with the cleaning and took the family vacuum cleaner for a spin.

Adorable hen Venice bobs her head as she glides by on the robot vacuum – it seems like she’s enjoying the ride.

Her owner Danielle White, 41, keeps over seventy chickens and says they all have different names and personalities.

She says she’s not surprised it was Venice who hopped up onto the vacuum as she’s always been the funny one.

Venice and her sisters are all Silkie hens and they had been brought inside temporarily so they could hatch and raise some chicks in the warm.

PIC FROM Caters News

But decided to take her motherly duties one step further and help out with the housework.

Danielle, form Arkansas, USA, said: “One morning while I had them out to clean up their space, my Roomba was running and Venice decided to jump on and take a ride.

“This was nothing out of the ordinary for her, as she’s always been the funny one doing silly things.

“I grabbed my phone and started recording her little assisted ride. I uploaded the video to Facebook, posted it on one of the chicken groups and it went viral!

“That video to this day has over 800 thousand views and so many comments. I have tried to go through each comment and read them because it’s made so many people smile and laugh.

“It honestly makes my day knowing my sweet little Venice and her silly antics have touched the lives of so many across the globe.

“Venice and her sisters did end up hatching out 7 gorgeous Serama chicks for me and they are all 3 mothering them together.

PIC FROM Caters News

“It is precious to sit and watch! The chicks are now 7 weeks old and living in a small coop with their moms in my laundry room outside.

“They do get outside when the weather allows to get sunshine, dust bath, graze on the grass, attack bugs and just do chicken things.

“Venice, Malibu and Hollywood are very proud mothers, doing a perfect job raising them and it shows.

“Every one of my chickens has their own name, and a few even respond to their name and know when I’m calling them over. Some breeds are more friendly & social than others…and a couple even fly up on my shoulder when I approach to hang out with me while I do my egg gathering in the evenings. Each one has their own personality for sure.”

You can follow Venice and Danielle’s other chicken on their very own Instagram page @chickenspeacelove.