By Mike Jones

This is the incredible moment that a flock of starlings formed into the shape of a colossal penguin.

Compete with a black beak and white sky blue belly, the giant aquatic animal sits there in the sky.

Starlings are known for the beautiful patterns they created when flocking together – their formations are known as a ‘murmuration’.

This magical shot was captured by Georgi Slavov in Greece near Kerkini lake.

Pics by Georgi Slavov / Caters News 

Georgi  lives in Bulgaria and works in international and financial analytics, but he has a passion for photography.

He said: “I was looking for a photography subject when I suddenly saw a big flock of birds – starlings. They were moving quite fast and the flock itself was changing its shape rapidly.

“I actually was not very attracted by this view and just made a couple of shots, which I am now sorry about,  as this flock shape sometimes looks very special.

“Only seeing the photographs at home I noticed that in one photograph that flock seems like a duck face – some of my friends say it looks like a penguin.

“They all agree it reminds them of a big bird. It’s quite funny that thousands of birds have formed a shape of a one big bird.

“I’m really glad I was able to make this shot.”