Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

This personal trainer will tell you leaving dumbbells around is not WEIGHT to behave.

The cheeky PT takes a side swipe at ‘lazy’ gym goers who don’t put their weights back on the rack after exercising.

Brad Donovan shot the short video at the Strength and Fitness Lab in Wigan, Lancs.

Explaining to viewers he will demonstrate “the most underused exercise” in every gym in the world, he has a friend pick up two weights from the ground and put them back in their place.

The friend then turns to the camera and shouts “put your weights away”.

Brad, 35, said: “I’m a personal trainer so I make people work hard to make them better.

“I recorded the video because I’m sick and tired of the number of times I’ve had to clear up after no-good, lazy gym users.

“It happens all the time. People just don’t seem to put their weights away.

“It drives me crazy.”

The video has been a hit with gym goers around the world who share Brad’s frustration.

Ashley Winstanley commented: “I was proper gearing up for a move here me! Hahahaha class.”

And Lisa Entwistle: “Need to play this on loop in the gym I go, on a big screen too.”