By Laura Dale

A trio of dolphins have been captured on camera jumping in perfect unison on the crest of a wave.

The three dolphins appear to jump in a straight line one above the other, before disappearing back in to the ocean.

Sean Scott / Caters News 

Sean Scott, 43, captured the moment in Cape Naturaliste, Western Australia, whilst on holiday with his family.

Sean, from Miami, said:  “I spotted the dolphins whilst on a year-long road trip around Australia with my family, and I was just taking a few pictures in the area when I spotted the dolphins – I think they were chasing a big bait ball of fish.

Sean Scott / Caters News

“I’ve seen dolphins jump together before, but I’ve never seen it so perfectly in unison!

“It was a great moment to capture on camera, and it was amazing to be able to witness dolphins in person – they’re truly majestic animals.

“It was a bit sad to see them jump back in to the ocean, as I could have happily kept watching them forever.”