Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This plucky python was faced with a task that really looked like Mission: ImPOSSUMable, as it tried to drag the large marsupial into a tree by its head.

Dangling from a branch, the giant snake can be seen swinging as it attempts to lift the possum into the upper reaches of the tree.

Despite the difficulty of the task, the serpent – believed to be a diamond python – managed to successfully pull the possum to its intended location, before a secondary struggle occur of just how to eat it.

The amusing moment was captured by John Holroyd-Doveton, in his back garden, in Bowen Mountain, Sydney, Australia, on December 31, 2017.

John, 44, who is originally from the UK, said that he was drawn to the amazing scene when he heard what sounded like cats or birds fighting in his garden.

What he discovered, though, was an eye-opening act of nature, which lasted for more than two-and-a-half hours, he said.

John initially discovered the possum and snake coiled in the tree before the dangling unfolded.

Eventually, John said, the two animals were left on the ground and the snake devoured its prey.

John, who moved to the house five months ago, having original lived in the East End of London, said: “I spent 40 years in the UK, and the most wildlife I ever saw was a fox.

“As sad as it is for the possum, I feel so privileged to see and share this amazing creature doing what it does best.

“I did not disturb or hinder the snake, as I feel it’s just life playing out as it should.

“I’ve not seen the snake since, but apparently a snake of its description was seen on a neighbor’s front lawn, sunning itself.

“I have since been told these snakes are regular to this area of the Blue Mountains.”