Offbeat Video

By Mike Jones

The pictures show the thrill-seeking friends as they tackle the heights and the dangers of a rusty old ship.

These amazingly balanced daredevils were captured as they walked a slackline suspended over the ocean and even spent a night out on the old vessel.

PIC BY Markus Casutt / CATERS NEWS

It’s the Spanish island of Lanzarote that the pictures are taken on and it was thirty-three-year-old Markus Casutt that took them.

Markus said: “To rig the ship we had to swim out with the two lines. Some rigging Material had to be taken out there with an inflatable small boat which Rubén Peré took care of.

“On the ship one of the most dangerous things was the rusty metal. If you hurt yourself on this ship it could be really for you.

PIC BY Markus Casutt / CATERS NEWS

“You should be sure to not do stuff like this alone; you need a crew that is focused and everything they do.

“All in all this is the most unique Slackline I personally have ever seen to be rigged. It’s more special than a very long, or very exposed line.

PIC BY Markus Casutt / CATERS NEWS

“It was impressive and maybe even a bit melancholic that the sunken ship could get used for something great again!!  We really loved this ship.”