Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A scuba-diver has captured footage of a whale appearing from out of the dark depths of the ocean, with it then swimming scarily close to him.

The grey whale can be seen suddenly appearing out of the darkness, before swimming right past the unsuspecting divers – and then retreats back in to the ocean.


Ben Laboy, 26, captured the footage on a dive in Monterey Bay, California.

Ben, from San Francisco, said: “I was scuba diving with my friend, and I thought I saw something move in the distance, but wasn’t sure if it was a rock or a school of fish.

“Then out of nowhere, the whale banked left towards us for a closer look, and looked us right in the eye from about five feet away – which was a surreal experience.


“It then passed us by, gave a few quick tail kicks, and disappeared again.

“The whole experience of being so close to such a majestic, huge animal was absolutely awe-inspiring and humbling.


“I realise how rare an encounter like this is, and I feel extremely fortunate that it happened to us – it’s a moment I will never forget!”