Video Viral

By Ben Walley 

This impatient guy decided to tackle a gigantic cyst all by himself.

Rather than wait around in a hospital for professional treatment Frederic Ward, 23, sought to rid himself of his huge staphylococcus infection.

The cyst on his jawline had grown so large in just four days he could feel it throbbing.

With his curious friends on hand with a camera to capture the release, Frederic headed to his bathroom in Ontario, Canada, to deal with the pus.

The gruesome video shows him prodding, squeezing, and even taking tweezers to the cyst as he attempts to clear it. One of his female friends even wretches at one point.

Despite being unable to clear it completely, he is able to reduce the swelling significantly.

Frederic, a facility attended, said: “I’m still not sure what caused the infection and it’s still being investigated. This one had appeared four days before we shot the video.

“I decided to drain it myself once it appeared ready. I have had 10 or so of these exact infections and didn’t want to have to go and wait at the hospital again as I was already being prescribed proper antibiotics by my doctor.

“I continue to see doctors as this is a chronic issue for me.

“My initial draining as unsuccessful as there was a visible build-up outside of the growth.

“it has fully cleared up and left little to no scarring.

“It was extremely painful to the touch and would throb as the days went on.”