By Michael Scott

These featherweight fighters got themselves in a right flap as they locked claws in an epic battle for food.

The vulture and tawny eagle exchanged blows as they fought to get the lion’s share of scraps following a wildebeest killing in the Masai Mara.

Wildlife photographer, Prakash Singh, captured the brutal battle during a visit to the North Conservancy.

 Prakash Singh/Caters News

The 44-year-old finance worker from Tanzania has been photographing wildlife for the last five years.

He said: “When I arrived at the site, I found a group of five hyenas gorging on a wildebeest carcass, which was killed recently by a male cheetah, who was watching helplessly from a short distance.

“As the hyenas were in a feeding frenzy, a few tawny eagles and four or five black backed jackals were waiting for any opportunity to steal a few bites here and there.

 Prakash Singh/Caters News

“Within 30 minutes the hyenas had almost finished the wildebeest and were more relaxed, that’s when jackals moved in and so did the tawny eagles.

“As the jackals and tawny eagles were sharing the carcass with sub adult hyenas a few lappet faced vultures arrived at the scene and wanted the best space to check what is left for them.

“Suddenly I saw this tawny eagle pull out with an intestine in its beak and the vulture wanted to snatch the same piece.

 Prakash Singh/Caters News

“The courageous tawny eagle resisted and during the whole episode both managed to exchange a few blows.

“The fluttering of wings made this fight amazing.

“The vulture won as it kicked the tawny eagle away and like a thug gulped the intestine down in a wink.”