By Jamie Smith 

A photographer caught an extremely rare white bear on camera but ended up get a little bit more than he expected.

This cheeky bear bobbed his tongue out for the group on a nature photography tour, along the Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada, back in September, last year.

Max Waugh / Caters News

Tour guide, Max Waugh, 41, from Seattle, Washington, said: “The bear was busy exploring the shoreline at low tide as it searched for food, namely, washed up salmon carcasses.

“As a younger bear, I’m guessing it was no more than three or four years old, it can’t compete in the prime fishing areas upstream when other larger bears are present, so was taking advantage of the low tide to see if any dead fish had washed up in the rocks.

 Max Waugh / Caters News

“Luckily, the bear appeared three different times during the course of the morning, which gave us better and better opportunities for photography as things got brighter.”

Max, who works as a professional photographer, organises and leads nature photography tours in various locations around the globe.

 Max Waugh / Caters News

“On this particular tour, we explore The Great Bear Rainforest, a large temperate rainforest that encompasses coastal areas and islands that serve as habitat for all manner of wildlife.

“We live on a boat for a week or more, which gives us the freedom to explore many of the islands and inlets of this beautiful region.”