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By Taniya Dutta 

A bus driver is seeking a miracle to help him get out of bed after his body turned into ‘wood’ in a tragic accident 24 years ago.

Mas Tazul Munir, 55, from Pontianak, West Kalimantan in Indonesia has limbs as stiff as a wooden plank.

His legs are painfully taut, forming an ‘O’ shape, and his fingers have been frozen for over two decades.

Pic bY Yuli Seperi/ CATERS NEWS

The father of four was a bus driver and was returning from a party with his colleagues after drinking with friends when a dog suddenly jumped in front of his vehicle in 1994.

To save the mongrel, Tazul swiftly swerved his bus but lost control. The vehicle flipped after bouncing twice and left him gravely injured.

He now suffers from an acute case of rheumatism that has forced him into his bed for years.

Tazul has seen several doctors and at least 80 shamans for treatment but nothing has helped improve his condition.

He said: “Doctors have told me I have complications of uric acid, inflammation of joints and rheumatism. But I was not happy to undergo medical treatment at the hospital and so I looked for alternative medicine.

Pic bY Yuli Seperi/ CATERS NEWS

“I have seen 80 faith healers but even they could not help me recover from this condition.

“I even tried suspended animation but I woke up. I feel this is how God wishes me to live.”

“I was a bus driver and in the spare time, all our friends would gather and drink. That night also I was drinking with my colleagues. Then we decided to buy more liquor. As I was driving a dog suddenly crossed over.

“I had to save him but while doing so the bus lost control and rolled twice. I was thrown out and tossed twice in the air.

“For months I laid in hospital beds completely immobile. I could not even turn my head.”

Tazul’s four sons, the last born just 20 days before the accident, take care of him. They clean and feed him every day and spend hours talking to him to make him feel better.

But Tazul says he hates to depend on his young sons.

Pic bY Yuli Seperi/ CATERS NEWS

Every day he waits for a miracle that will heal him completely and help him get back to his feet and could drive again.

He said: “I wonder what happened to me. I was a happy man taking good care of my family. My sons were very young. But now they have to spend their days taking care of me.

“I feel this is God’s will but I still have hopes of getting treatment and walking again. I wish to see a day when I can get to live a normal life.”