Offbeat Video

By Helen Le Caplain

A ‘nervous’ driver spent TEN MINUTES cautiously shuffling backwards and forwards along a main road during rush hour – before slinking off in the opposite direction.

The bizarre spectacle was caught on camera by recruitment manager Martin Hobbs as he washed the dishes at 4.45pm on Monday night [JAN 29].

Peculiar footage shows the cautious driver tentatively creeping forwards and backwards several times while perplexed drivers stop in the road before manoeuvring round him.

Martin claims the flustered passenger grabbed the steering wheel after the driver hit the kerb, leading the 39-year-old dad of five to believe it was a learner driver – despite the absence of ‘L’ plates.

Martin from Ashford, Kent, said: “I was in the kitchen washing up and was looking out of the window looking for my son’s driving instructor to turn up when I noticed this going on.

“At first I thought the driver was going to pull up next to the post box.

“A lot of people pull up, jump out and post something before driving off but I soon realised that wasn’t what was happening so got my phone out.

“This had been going on for five minutes before I started filming, the other five minutes was much of the same – moving back and forth and causing an issue.”

Grandad-of-one Martin said he believes the person behind the wheel was new to driving and was panicking about other road users – despite a lack of learner plates.

Martin said: “I personally think it’s someone learning to drive – I hope it is anyway – it was probably their first time on the road.

“There weren’t any ‘L’ plates on the car, if they weren’t a learner I’d like to know who passed their test for them – my son could have done a better job.

“They couldn’t possibly have a full licence, I couldn’t believe how many manoeuvres they were making.

“It looks as though the driver has started driving down the road and got a bit panicky.

“The road was big enough for a three-point turn but the driver clearly wasn’t aware of their surroundings.

“He or she just kept going forward and back and stopping for 15-20 seconds before moving again which meant other drivers had to stop.

“I saw the passenger lunge over and grab the steering wheel at one point trying to correct the driver’s attempt.

“By the end of it I think it was just a case of reversing back and getting the hell out of there.”

Martin said that he and 17-year-old son Keelam Hobbs chuckled at the driver’s attempts and can be heard on the video cheering when they successfully negotiated a reverse around the corner before driving off.

Martin said: “The pair of us were laughing – we thought it was quite comical to watch.

“It was entertaining to watch while doing the washing up – makes a change from just seeing the tree.”