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By Nelson Groom 

A self-described ‘vagina witch’ is making a living teaching women to use meditation to improve their sex lives –  including giving lessons with ‘massage wands.’

Courtney Maria Halsted, 31, was drawn into the world of witchcraft as a child and spent her early twenties studying yoni yoga – also known as vagina yoga – with mystics in India.

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After moving to Melbourne, Australia, she had a eureka moment to combine her two passions and prove the bedroom really can be a place where magic happens.

Now, the sexual healer has carved a career teaching woman from far and wide how to harness the power of their pelvis to help them improve their sex lives.

Courtney, who is originally from Albury, New South Wales, said: “It’s about looking within and freeing yourself through sex and consciousness.

“I grew up in the Catholic church, but I drew a line between god and the church at a young age. I had a deep connection with the magical world of spirituality

“When I was nine years old, I used to say to my mum ‘I hate going to church, they burn my sisters.’ As in witches.

Pic from Caters News

“Some of the work I do with women is like yoni yoga. I teach how women’s body is a temple, and this can increase the sensitivity of the vagina.

“Sometime this involves using a jade yogi wand.

“They use this internally to bring themselves to pleasure and open up the numb areas in their vagina. This is like releasing a muscular knot.

“One of my practices is a meditation activation process. This can involve is learning about the different orgasmic points of the vagina to heighten pleasure.”

Courtney gravitated towards magic practices as an escape from what she describes as a ‘traumatic’ childhood.

She spent years studied mystic healing in Europe, South America, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

The 31-year-old said her clients stand to heighten their sex lives and relaxation by following her practices, which include yoni yoga and vaginal massages.

Pic from Caters News

Courtney’s mostly-female clientele span from Australia, the US and Europe, and ages of 20 to 70.

Her services are mostly offered through Skype consultations, a medium which puts a modern spin on ancient traditions.

She said she is not presently casting spells, but rather staging magic rituals that allow clients empower themselves.

And she believes her practices will be on the rise as people increasingly trade in religion for spirituality.

Courtney, whose business is called Fierce Mystic, said: “Society is becoming much more open. In the Western world the fear of sexuality is very outdated, people are ready for change.

“But women are speaking about this stuff on talk shows now. This is one of the most important ways that we can become empowered.”

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