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By Luke Kenton

This groomsman took the saying ‘Break a leg’ far too literally when he came crashing to the ground during a BASE jump, just hours before a daredevil couple’s stunning slackline wedding.

Most wedding guests opt to spend the hours before the vowels of their loved ones getting ready for the ceremonious occasion, but for these adrenaline junkies nothing seemed more fitting than a spot of early morning BASE jumping, in Moab, Utah.


Launching himself from a huge cliff edge in tandem with another thrill seeker, one anonymous groomsman ‘biffs’ his jump and twists 180 degrees in the air, where – after deploying his parachute – he is sent hurtling into the rock face, and down to the ground with an almighty thud.

Watching on as their friend lay in a heap on the floor, seasoned daredevil David Laffargue and friends weren’t to be deterred by the shortcomings of their compatriot, launching themselves from the very same spot before assessing the damage.

Suffering multiple fractures to both of his legs, the wounded jumper wasn’t able to make the vows of slacklining lovebirds Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin – instead he was rushed off to hospital, on November 20.


Not wanting to miss his staring moment in the ceremony, David – who was asked to be the ‘flower girl’ for the big day – jumped again from the canyon, followed by a trail of petals, as 200 guests watched on as the couple tied the knot, 350ft above the ground.

David, a 29-year-old professional BASE jumper, said: “Every year slackliners meet for an event in Moab called GGBY, and getting married on the ‘SpaceNet’ during this event was the obvious thing for Kim and Ryan.

“This is the place they love, and they were surrounded by their favourite people in the world.

“They’re also long-time friends with Andy Lewis, a pro-slackliner and creator of the SpaceNet.


“My friend that hit the wall had multiple fractures, so he had to be evacuated – thankfully he’s fine now, though.

“Apart from the families of Ryan and Kim, everyone was either a BASE jumper or slackliner.

“Normally they send cute five-year-olds down the aisle to spread flowers, but this was no ordinary wedding, so they asked a bunch of base jumpers wearing tutus instead.

“The explosion of flowers on the opening was great.

“I really enjoyed my flower girl role, I hope I get the opportunity to do it again – I look great in a tutu.

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“It was the most incredible wedding I’ve been to.

“It was fun, it was weird and it was wild.”