Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill 

These thoughtful school children clubbed together to buy their favourite teacher special glasses so he could see colour for the first time.

Colourblind Mr Romp, who works at Garrison Elementary School Gym in Dover, New Hampshire, was overwhelmed with emotion as he received his extraordinary gift from the second graders at his school.

William Duffel, 7, came up with the idea when his mum, Heidi, 39, showed him a video of someone seeing colour for the very first time.

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Heidi said: “He was enamoured. He immediately said ‘Mommy, Mr Romps is colour blind. We need to get him those glasses.”

“I told him that was very sweet but explained that it wouldn’t be possible.

The glasses are incredibly expensive, and we couldn’t afford it but William was determined.  He said “but you’ve collected money from my classmates parents before for teacher appreciation week, you can do it.”

“I knew I had to help him accomplish this goal.”

The pair, along with help from William’s sister, 10-year-old Carrigan, then set about raising money to buy the special glasses, called Enchroma glasses.

And the heart-warming moment Mr Romps was presented with his special gift in front of dozens of excited pupils at a boot camp organised by the popular teacher was caught on camera.

Heidi added: “Mr Romps is one of those educators that not only teaches his students math and reading, he teaches them how to be good humans.

“He embraces each child, with all their strengths and weaknesses and is determined that they leave his classroom with confidence, respect, and above all else, a sense of purpose.

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“One of the things he does each year is to offer Boot Camp to the entire school, free of charge.

“It’s an opportunity for students to spend an hour a week with him, pushing them physically and mentally.  This fall, it was attended by close to 150 students.

“When I sent the attached notice home to parents asking for donations towards the glasses, I was blown away with the response.

“As the donations trickled in each day, my son was beyond excited.  The day we reached our goal and I told William we were able to buy the glasses, he was beyond excited.

” To be able to give him this gift of colour seemed like such a small token of our gratitude.  And to see my little boy behind it all, well, that was just icing on the cake.”