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water-loving dog

By Charlotte Nisbet

This water-loving dog is so obsessed with bathtime she won’t let her owner jump in the tub without her!

Jodie Monaghan, 34, from Glasgow, Scotland, doesn’t get a minute’s peace as bubble-loving French Mastiff, Bria, following her every move.

And bizarrely, the three year old love nothing more than being submerged in a bubble bath, or a refreshing shower – and refuses to let Jodie have the bathroom to herself.

The cafe owner will often find her pooch has jumped into her hot shower before she has even grabbed a towel.

And if Jodie’s soaking in a bubble bath, Bria will dunk in her massive paws and jump in too.

PIC BY Lenny Warren/ Caters News

The water-loving dog, who has always had an obsession with water, loves nothing more than being in the shower and getting herself clean.

And after her soak, Bria then expects a blow-dry and sits patiently for Jodie to blast her hair with the blow-dryer.

Jodie, who also has two other dogs, insists Bria is the bossiest of the bunch and loves getting her own way.

PIC BY Lenny Warren/ Caters News

Jodie added: “Bria loves nothing more than getting in the shower, I will often hear her crying and find her sitting in the shower as she waits for me to turn it on.

“I can’t enjoy a bubble bath without her coming into the bathroom and trying to climb in.

“She drools while in the bath but I don’t care, it doesn’t bother me.

“I think it’s hilarious that she’s so obsessed with being in water but it’s when we’re on a walk she isn’t bothered about going into lakes for a swim.

“Bria would stay in the bath or shower all day if I let her, and despite her naturally sad looking face, she’s actually at her happiest in there.

PIC BY Lenny Warren/ Caters News

“My bath has a Jacuzzi built in and she loves it when that’s turned on, I think she must love the bubbling sensation against her skin.

“Once I’ve washed my hair, Bria will follow me into my bedroom and wait for me to blow-dry her hair.

“I normally blast mine for a couple of seconds before blow-drying her fur.

“I have her brother, Axel too and another French Mastiff called, Kingston, but they aren’t bothered about being clean.

“Bria is so docile that having a shower cap on her head doesn’t bother her at all.”

PIC BY Lenny Warren/ Caters News

With Bria being the only female pooch in the house, Jodie claims she rules the roost and is by far the bossiest.

Jodie added: “There’s never any fights between the dogs and I think that’s down to Bria being in charge of them.

“She seems to decide what the boys do and where they sit in the house.

“They all enjoy jumping on the trampoline with each other but it’s only Bria that spends her spare time waiting for the shower to be turned on.

“Aside from all of this, she’s really affectionate and loves nothing more than being cuddled and lying in the sunshine.

PIC BY Lenny Warren/ Caters News

“I’m lucky enough to live by fields so the dogs are taken out on walks twice per day.

“And whenever I can, I get involved in looking for lost dog searches in the local area.”

Self-confessed animal lover, Jodie reveals she wouldn’t change Bria for the world, despite her unusual habits.

She added: “I find it really funny when Bria jumps in the bath or gets herself in the shower before me.

“I can’t really stay relaxing in the bath once Bria gets in but that doesn’t stop her from staying in there.

“I enter dog shows with her a few times a year and that’s the only real time she gets a proper pamper.

“But she takes it upon herself to get clean, it’s almost as though she think she needs a shower every day.”