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By Lauren Fruen

THIS adorable horse stands at just 21 inches tall and is thought to be one of the smallest in the world.

Tiny Munchie was so small when he was rescued that he was driven back to the sanctuary on someone’s lap.

Habitat for Horses / Caters News

And he is very different from the average horse at Habitat for Horses in Texas which stand at around six feet tall.

But those who work at the charity say Munchie’s size has never affected his confidence.

The 11-year-old – who stands at less than two feet – lives with his mum, Melanie, and two other mini horses.

Habitat for Horses / Caters News

He was born with form of dwarfism which has resulted in a curved spine, underbite, domed skull and a pot-belly.

Spokesman for the horse charity, Amber Barnes, said: “Munchie was rescued with a small family of mini horses, along with larger horses, on a property in San Antonio, Texas.

Habitat for Horses / Caters News

“The property was strewn with trash and Munchie had only been born a mere two months prior.

“Unfortunately, for many mini horse with dwarfism, they suffer from skeletal pain and dental problems, among other things.

“Luckily for Munchie, he doesn’t appear to be struggling with such symptoms so far.

“We will, of course, continue to monitor Munchie for symptoms that may indicate he is unwell. But, for now, we are so grateful that he is thriving.

Habitat for Horses / Caters News

“Munchie acts as our official horse ambassador and has travelled to schools, libraries, and even nursing homes to teach kids about rescue horses.

“He is a funny little guy. He’s a sweet, laid-back little dude.”

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