Life Video

By Luke Kento

This adorable four-year-old has a heart-wrenching 1/16th life crisis, as a conversation about marriage sends the tiny tot into a mini meltdown about where his life is heading.

“I won’t marry anyone… I’ll just come back to this house anyway,” declares four-year-old Asher, who, after having a proposal for marriage turned down at school, is prompted into a premature existential crisis, at home in Thompsonville, Illonois.


Mum Jasmine Brannan, 22, who admits her son is “wise beyond his years,” was left heart-warmed by her Asher’s sudden outburst, which saw him panic that he couldn’t drive and refusing to live anywhere further away than his mother’s backyard.

Typical ‘Mommy’s boy’ Asher’s outpouring came just days after Jasmine was proposed to by her boyfriend, Ian Faulkner, on January 15.

Jasmine, who admits it’s the ‘sweetest thing’ realising just how much Asher loves her, said: “I assured him [Asher] that he had plenty of time to find a wife and that he wasn’t limited to the six girls in his pre-school classroom.

“I told him he would find a wife when he’s much older and that they would move in together and live happily ever after.

“As soon as he realised he would have to move out of the house, he changed his mind very quickly.

“Asher doesn’t quite understand these adult things just yet – but it’s heartwarming to see just how much he loves me.


“I’ve been the only stable thing in his life as a stable mom, so naturally he’s going to be fondof me.

“He just wants to be wherever I am – it’s the sweetest thing.

“Asher is constantly asking questions and yearning for more knowledge. His imagination is huge and if you have a problem, Asher is bound to have a solution.

“It didn’t take him long to calm down, once I explained to him that’s just what happens when you grow up and fall in love, he soon came around.

“All of my family love Asher and his funny thoughts.

“My Grandpa claims Asher’s going to be President one day, because his critical thinking skills are superb and he’s beyond charismatic.”