Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

A cute Corgi has been captured on camera thoroughly enjoying playing with a balloon.

The excitable pooch can’t stop jumping up and down and keeping the balloon afloat with its mouth.

Danielle Nonhof, from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA, took the footage whilst at work.

Danielle said: “I was working a weekend shift at work, so I brought my dog Leo in with me to keep me company.

“My boss found a balloon and thought we should see what Leo would do – I didn’t expect it to be so hilarious and entertaining!

“He played with this balloon for about two minutes until he popped it.

“I found another balloon for him to play with afterwards, and he played with that one for about a minute until it inevitably popped.

“He has never played with a balloon before, and it’s safe to say he absolutely loves it!

“I have had him since he was eight weeks old, and he has been a source of smiles ever since.