Offbeat Video

By Siarhei Biazberdy

They do say the couple that trains together, stays together, but this daredevil pair took that to the extreme by train surfing for a date.

After jumping on an intercity express in October 2017, Alexander Ivanov, 19, grabs his 18-year-old girlfriend Lilia Semenihina’s hand so she can also climb aboard.

Clinging on to the windscreen wipers, the intrepid teenagers – who have been together for just more than a year – hold on tight as the engine pulls out of the station in Gomel, Belarus.

Pic by Alexander Ivanov/Caters News

Zooming through the Russian countryside, Alexander gets out a selfie stick and films the pair of them perched on train’s bumper.

Alexander, from Moscow, said: “It was a really romantic adventure for us.

“We are both interest in extreme sports and decided to train surf together.

“The train can get up to speeds of 75mph as it is an intercity train.

“We do want to push our love to the limits.

“There are loads of buildings and towers we’d love to climb together, as well as more trains to ride.”