By Hayley Pugh 

What should have been a walk in the park turned into a pain in the neck for this giraffe, who got stuck in mud flats and had to be rescued using a TRACTOR.

The poor animal found itself stuck in the mud after wondering onto a tidal flat at the Bajaba ranch, in the Lamu District, on Northern coast of Kenya.

 David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Caters News

Rescuers from the Lamu Conservation Trust anti-poaching team and the Kenya Wildlife Service were called in to free the giraffe and after three back-breaking hours and the help of a tractor – donated by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) – the huge mammal was eventually hauled to safety.

A spokesperson from the DSWT said: “With the slippery mud and the animal’s sheer weight thwarting efforts, it took three hours of back-breaking work and the assistance of a tractor to eventually free the giraffe.

 David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Caters News

“It took a little rest before majestically rising up and walking off into the bush.

“We would like to thank everyone involved in getting this giraffe back on dry land, where he belongs.”

Giraffes are under threat and in localised areas could soon be driven to extinction.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Caters News

The main threats facing giraffes are habitat destruction, bushmeat poaching and human-wildlife conflict.

To date, the DSWT funded Mobile Vet Units, headed by Kenya Wildlife Service Vets, have attended to more than 180 giraffes for injuries ranging from snare wounds to spear and arrow wounds.

Giraffes caught in poacher’s traps and snares face a slow and agonising death if rescuers can’t reach them.

 David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Caters News

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