By Jack Williams

This hilarious set of images show how even goats are not the most comfortable when it comes to having their family portraits taken.

Squirming their way from side to side on a rock, the fidgeting kids would certainly not have made the mantelpiece with poses like these.

Pic Hilary Bralove / Caters

In some of shots, the four youngsters appear to be playing “King of the Rock,” pushing one another to the back, while, in other images, they can be seen leaping on backs and facing the wrong directions.

The amusing scenes were captured by photographer Hilary Bralove, on Mount Evans, in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA.

Recently, Hilary posted one of the images from July 10, 2017, on a photography blog, and, when reviewing the images, the moment itself made the photographer literally laugh out loud.

Hilary, 56, who lives in Loveland, Colorado, said: “The goats seem to like to play ‘King of the Mountain’ or, in this case, ‘King of the Rock’!

Pic Hilary Bralove / Caters

“They would all pile onto each other and around each other, pushing and shoving and even climbing on one another.

“They all just quickly congregated on that one rock and I started photographing the mayhem.”

Mount Evans is a popular spot to witness mountain goats in the summer time, and this occasion was no exception.

The rock on which the four playful kids tussled with each other was 14,000-feet high, Hilary said, and the goats in the area often like to congregate on this easy-to-reach higher ground.

Hilary said: “Photographing the mountain goats on Mount Evans is a special and unique thing to do.

Pic Hilary Bralove / Caters

“You just never know where or when they will be hanging out and playing or eating.

“Its important to be prepared for any action at any time.

“It’s a very fun and rewarding place to be.

“I’ve gotten an amazing response and feedback to this image [of the goat being pushed out].

“Everyone seems to really love the expression on the face of the goat kid in the back.”