Offbeat Video

By Kim Reader

A bachelor, who was booted off Take Me Out after revealing his bizarre beefy orange passion, is still confident he’ll get a date for Valentine’s Day.

Sean Smith, 51, told potential dates on the matchmaking show about his quirky love of orange slices sprinkled with Oxo cubes.


The revelation proved to be a big turn off when every single woman on the hit dating show decided it was ‘no likey, no lighty’ and rejected him.

But incredibly, Sean has found that his newfound fame has sparked a flurry of interest from the ladies with women getting in touch from far and wide after his tele appearance.

Determined to find ‘the one’, Sean is planning a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two at the top of the Blackpool Tower – and there’s no doubt Oxo and orange will be on the menu.

The divorced caricature artist is extending his dinner invite to every woman in the country in the hopes he can whittle down the applicants to one lucky lady to spend the evening with.

Sean, of Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancs, said: “The chance to go on Take Me out came out of the blue but I thought ‘go for it’ being an entertainer, it couldn’t do any harm.

“I love Paddy McGuinness. I used to live in Bolton so we’re both very broad and his sense of humour is right up my street. We got on like a house on fire.


“My love at first light was Andrea but it was a really tough choice. All the girls are done up to the nines and they all look fabulous.

“Until they said about the beefy orange, I was cruising. The way I see it they didn’t really turn their lights off for me, they just turned their lights off because of Oxo on orange.

“The show was an absolute blast anyway. I went on hoping to get a nice date out of it but it was still really good fun and a laugh. That’s what life is all about.

“Also putting myself out there has increased my chances of getting a date. Since the show I’ve had loads of ladies getting in touch. They’ll be lining up for some beefy orange.

“I got divorced ten years ago and since then I’ve had dates but it’s tricky finding the right one.

“You’ve got to have chemistry but your’ve also got to fit into each other’s work lives and domestic lives. You’ve got to be compatible.

“There are some people who are happy going from one relationship to the next but I’m looking for that special someone.


“And if I’m looking to meet the one, then the top of Blackpool Tower is a great place to do it, at a romantic meal for two in the best place in the world.

“There’s not many people who’ve had a chance to have a meal up there and have the whole place to themselves. It is going to be a really special night. I’m going to feel like Michael Jackson.

“It would be nice to spend the evening with someone who is a bit of a looker. She doesn’t need to look a specific way but someone with a bit of sparkle about them.

“The most important thing I look for in any lady is a sense of humour. Life is too short not to have fun.

“If my date is up for a laugh and we’ve got that spark then it is going to be an absolutely brilliant night.”

Sean, who owns Cartoon Magic, first tried Oxo sprinkled on orange as part of an office dare and since then has it as an ‘occasional treat’.

Since his appearance on Take Me Out, Sean’s quirky snacking habits have taken the internet by storm.

The odd food combination has even sparked a social media craze with people and celebs, including the show’s host Paddy McGuinness, posting videos of themselves doing the #beefyorangechallenge.


Sean said: “Right after the show Paddy McGuinness filmed himself eating an Oxo and orange and posted it with the hashtag and since then it has gone ballistic.

“So many people have been doing the beefy orange challenge. I can’t quite believe it, I’m buzzing. It’s part of the joy of social media how these things get about.

“It all started years ago when I used to work in an office and we’d do these dares to eat odd food combinations. I guess that was the original beefy orange challenge.

“But beef an orange actually isn’t that strange. If you google it there are loads of recipes that combine those two flavours.

“It’s not something I have

everyday but it is something I have as a snack from time to time, an occasional treat.

“And if I’m ever having drinks with friends, that’s my thing, I’ll challenge them to try Oxo on orange.”