Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

Move over Neil DeGrasse Tyson, this super-smart four-year-old explains the upcoming Super Blood Moon clearly and concisely.

Budding astronaut Zia Purohit sat down with her mum Sheela and broke down the different stages of the rare lunar phenomenon due to occur on January 31 2018.

After describing the three different stages of the Moon’s shadow – Umbra, Antumbra and Penumbra – Zia moved on to the specifics of the Super Blood Moon.

Pic by Sheela Purohit/Caters News

Dressed in a cute heart jumper, Zia laughs as she suggests the Super Blood Moon should be called strawberry instead as it looks more like the fruit.

Sheela, from Winterville, North Carolina, USA, said: “Zia is so excited for the upcoming Super Blood Moon.

“She has always loved science and space.

“She reads books and can’t stop watching NASA videos, so she just soaks it all up.

“From seven or eight-months-old, she was very curious about everything.

Pic by Sheela Purohit/Caters News

“Of course, she didn’t know how to read but would crawl and pick or point to the books with planets on the cover.

“Increasingly, she is very aware of Global warming and the greenhouse effect.

“She’s very particular about recycling and does her bit in reducing the trash.”

Zia, who has spacemen instead of dolls, dreams of becoming an astronaut and cant wait until she can visit the NASA camps at five-years-old.