By Lauren Fruen

THIS adorable new born flamingo is learning the ropes when it comes to standing on one leg thanks to the help of her mum and dad.

The youngster was the first chick at Auckland zoo to hatch in front of visitors and will be the first baby there to be raised by the flock.

Pic by Auckland Zoo/Grace Watson/Caters News 

Proud parents Cheviot and Neil are now helping to raise the little bird with big sister Otis close by.

For the first few days the couple shared the task of sitting on her until she learned to walk.

Now they are close by when she goes to explore.

The baby was born earlier this month with a red bill and pink legs. Now she has a purple beak and legs.

A spokesman for the zoo said: “If you look closely you can see the gold tip of its egg tooth – this is a tooth found in reptiles and some birds and helps the chick to internally pip and break through its eggshell – it will eventually fall off as it is no longer needed.”