Video Viral

By Taniya Dutta

This chilling video shows the moment two men on a motorbike miraculously escape a surprise encounter with two adult tigers in India.

A stomach-churning video surfacing on social media has captured the harrowing moments the two unnamed bikers had to go through when two fully grown tigers surrounded them-one in front and another from the behind in wilderness.

The incident believed to have happened in Maharashtra in central India two weeks ago.

In the video, shot by a group of people in a car, two bike-borne men going from Chandrapur to Junona, about 4.5 km far from Chandrapur city, suddenly come to a halt when a huge cat approaches them from the front.

Pic by Khalid Karnataki/ Caters News

As they stand frozen in fear, another big cat comes from the behind and starts smelling them.

The tigers, however, don’t seem to be in a mood to taste blood. While one of them strolls around, takes rest and resumes his leisurely walk, the other one, not much of a walker, sits peacefully.

All the while, the men are asked by the people in the car to not move as that would agitate the tigers and led to instant attack.

After over four minutes, the tigers finally give way to the men who make a dash for life. The car rushes to pick them and speeds away.

Pic by Khalid Karnataki/ Caters News

In December last year, a fully grown tiger had gatecrashed a wedding in the same state after losing its path and straying into a human habitat. Efforts are on to bring it back to its habitat which has been encroached upon by humans off late.

India is home to world’s largest tiger population with 2,226 adult tigers counted last in 2014.

However, their existence has been threatened by a loss of habitat as well as poachers. With increasing human encroachment into their reserves, conflicts between humans and tigers are inevitable. But most attacks on humans are chance encounters gone wrong.