Life Video

By Ellie Duncombe

Move over Kim Kardashian, this exhibitionist octogenarian spends her retired life taking hilarious viral selfies.

Creative Kimiko Nishimoto may look like your ordinary run-of-the-mill pensioner, but the ‘grammable’ grandma has a unique hobby.

28 Lab/Caters New

The 89-year-old dresses up and chooses locations for her one-woman pictures, including scenes where she is a gorilla in a zoo or being run over by a bus.

Using a personal studio set up in her Kumamoto prefecture home in Japan, Kimiko polishes her hilarious scenes using Photoshop.

Kimiko said: “It was all gibberish to me at first.

“But once I began, it became good fun.

28 Lab/Caters News

“I decide how I want to take pictures based on the location.

“I try and think what the most interesting image I can take there would be.

“Once I get started, it becomes even more fun.”

At the ripe old age of 72, Kimiko chose to pick up a camera, so she could take a free beginners class run by her son.

28 Lab/Caters News

Pretty quickly, the then-septuagenarian developed a slapstick style making fun of herself in silly situations.

Thanks to scenes of her dressed as a humpback peering through a window and depicting her as a frog leaping through her own back garden, Kimiko quickly gained fame.

Just 10 years after finding her new passion, her works were featured at a gallery in her hometown.

In January 2018, Kimiko was featured in an exhibition called Asobokane – translated as ‘Let’s Play’ – in Tokyo’s Epson Epsite Imaging Gallery.